Each lesson plan is an hour so if you wish to extend your session with me you may do so when booking and placing your deposit.      Please specify that you wish to have an extended session with me. I only charge by the hour no more no less, so if you extend your session you will be charged accordingly. I Do Not Coach Longer Than 4 Hours Per Session.                                  Please note that when booking a substantial amount of time with me your outside schedule will not be conflicted with your lesson plan, this will give you a great opportunity to have me thoroughly breakdown my lesson for you, get to know you, and answer every single question you may have for your journey to a healthier lifestyle ! 



50% Non-Refundable deposit to secure any service/order with me will be required this will also go towards your total amount. No Deposit No Service ! For virtual services I will provide my zoom meeting ID an hour before each session via direct message. In this time I will collect your remaining balance. If you need to reschedule please inform me ahead of time. I will need a 24 hour notice if you are running late for your session, I will give a 15 minute grace period, this also includes meal prep orders with me. After the 15 minutes is up I will contact you to inform you that your session/order will be canceled and your deposit will be lost ! After you send your deposit your date and time for your session is locked in !  


(I do take exact Cash, Cash app, PayPal, and Venmo) Consultations $30                   Guidelines To The Benefits Of Superfoods$45.                                             Smart Shopping Sessions$55                 Pantry Makeovers $45                                                How To Read Nutrition Labels $65           The Importances In A Plant Based Consumption $45                                           Plant Based Meal Prep Menu               Lemon Chai Muffins 6 $20 12 $30 Brownies (served in pan uncut) $35 Smoothies $10 (visit IG link down below for visuals)                                                        Whole Key Lime Pie $30                   Cinnamon Apple Bread Loaf $35.           Banana Bread Loaf $35                         Cashew Cream Pasta $25 personal serving $65 family serving                    Lasagna $30 personal serving $150 family serving (full pan)  Sweet Potato Chickpea Soup $25 personal serving $45 family serving